Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Number Grid

A very important tool to develop number sense is the Number Grid (1 to 100). You can either make it yourself or print it out from the Internet and ideally laminate it. All you have to do is put it up in your child’s room. Even if you think your 2 year old won’t make sense of the higher numbers, believe in this idea! Remember not to underestimate the capability of your child.

How to use it?
Sky is the limit. When you talk about anything involving numbers draw your child’s attention to that number. The various opportunities would be age of people, money, temperature, distance, speed, quantity, height, weight, time, etc. Keep it in the context of real life especially in younger years.

For example,

·      If it’s your birthday, point to the number your age is and then point to the number your child’s age is. Show her how much older you/her sibling/her grandparents are than her.

·      Point to the number to show the amount it costs to get her the candy as compared to an ice cream.

·      When you travel show her how much colder/warmer it will be out there compared to where you are.

·      Make up simple number stories and ask her to solve the sums using the grid: if you had 10 candies and you gave away 4 to your friend, how many are you left with? Show her to move down 4 spaces from 10 on the grid.

Some of the concepts it aids in developing are:
Ascending/Descending order
Number Comparison (Greater than/Less than/Equal to)
Odd/Even numbers
Skip Counting
Tens and Ones
Base 10
Mental Calculations
Number Patterns

The above list is for you to know that the number grid is a significant tool to develop important math concepts. Don’t think that your child will become over dependent on it. She will be able to use different strategies and mental math techniques more easily if she knows how the basic number system works. When you sit down to help her with her Math homework, do take the help of number grid.

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