Friday, 25 July 2014

S/he Doesn't Pay Attention!

You may have heard from your child’s teachers- ‘she doesn’t pay attention’, ‘she can’t finish her work’ or you may have heard your child say- ‘I am bored in class’. Attention is something that should naturally come about as the child grows older. However, many a time due to various reasons a child develops ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This causes academic failure and social incompetence in classroom setting. Nowadays we come across many cases of children that have developed or are developing this disorder, one of the reasons being overuse of electronic gadgets.

The good news is that you can do several things from your end to ward off the possibility of AD/HD. Here are a few simple strategies to help keep your child’s attention levels appropriate:

1.     Curb the use of electronics like tablets (I-pad etc.), smartphones and games (X-Box etc.)
2.     Reduce television time especially cartoons
3.     Balance the day out between physical activities and sitting down activities
4.     Play board games like Pictureka, Pictionary, Monopoly, Taboo, Cards, Uno, Memory game and Battleship
5.     Play physical games and sports like Twister, Simon Says, badminton, tennis, soccer and cricket
6.     Give them activity books which have spot the differences, mazes, word searches, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, match the pictures, odd one out, hidden pictures, etc. You can also print them out from the internet; find them using the above keywords
7.     Give them puzzles- increase the number of pieces as her attention span and ability increase
8.     Read to/with them- it is good for everything!
9.     Make time for art and craft (refer to my post on creativity kit)
10.  All the activities that enhance fine motor skills also enhance attention as the child needs to focus when he manipulates objects (refer to my post on poor handwriting)
11.  Yoga and meditation

12.  Provide emotional support and empathize with your child- it will work wonders

If you have any more ideas please post on this page. When you share, you care! 

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