Monday, 1 September 2014

A kick-start to Vocabulary Development

When children are young, their mind is like a sponge that soaks in different things from the environment. It is very important for them to hear the words for the things that are all around them. Right from the beginning, talk as much as you can to your children. Take them with you to the grocery store, marketplace, bank, garden, library, and all the other places you can think of! Talk to them about what you are seeing and what is happening even if you feel it’s not their time to learn about these things or it would be too hard or irrelevant for them. For example, when you are walking through a garden, talk to them about different flowers, parts of a plant, what a plant needs, insects you might spot, the gardener and his tools and so on and so forth. By doing so you can be assured that you have made a good start towards your child’s vocabulary development.

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