Monday, 31 March 2014


If we want our children to have a healthy attitude towards homework, we need to start changing our own attitude towards it. I have noticed many teachers and parents celebrate when there is no homework given. Step back and think what you are conveying to the children. You are making them think, ‘homework is a task’, ‘homework is something that is not fun’ and ‘the days you don’t get homework are the best days’!

The children are so malleable at young age that you can really mold their personality and more importantly their attitude towards things. Try being excited about homework in front of them and they will be more motivated to attempt it. And again basic principles of how to deal with children apply- don't make it look like a task and don’t leave them alone to do it. In my class, the days I don’t give homework, I apologize to my students that I couldn’t organize for any, and I would definitely have some ready for them soon. My students think that it is a privilege to get homework, they enjoy doing it and I never have late submissions!

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