Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Recommended Read on Democratic Disciplining

This book is a must read for parents and teachers. It talks about how you could discipline children in a more democratic manner, which yields more cooperation and healthy communication with them. The constructivist strategies suggested by the authors make the child independent in resolving everyday conflicts. You will agree, it’s hard to be patient with children all the time. This book will remind you of the benefits of talking to the children in a particular way, which will work in your benefit and get you your peace of mind in the long run.

The authors have presented the matter in the form of different real life scenarios and have done a good job explaining the effects of how you would talk to the children as compared to how it is suggested by them. I have read this book twice and I keep referring back to it so I don’t forget to use the strategies devised by the authors.

You will thank me for introducing you to this book! Ask your local bookstore or order your copy on Flipkart or Amazon (India) or Amazon (US)

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