Saturday, 19 April 2014


Yesterday I took my daughter downstairs to play in my building’s garden. There were a few children whom my daughter plays with once in a while. As soon as they met, they started figuring out what to play. My daughter, like many other children, loves to make up her own games. She came up with a game that one of them will become an alligator and someone will have to carry the alligator on her back and help it cross the river and there would be obstacles on the way that they will have to overcome. A seven- year old instantly discarded her idea saying that it doesn’t make sense and that how can anyone carry an alligator on her back. It was rather heartbreaking to hear this comment and to see that this child has probably never been allowed to imagine. For the good of this child and my daughter, I had to intervene and tell her that this was imagination and one can have fun being imaginative. 

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